Real, proven results that have come from special Hormone Balancing and Supplement Support. Our Program works!

How it works

Our Hormone Balancing program is life changing. When you decide to make this life changing schedule, this is how the process works:

After you schedule your appointment with our Certified Health Professional, you will than have a 30-minute phone/skype or office visit (depending on location) with our Health Professional on what exactly you are trying to achieve. There are MANY different blood work panels, and it is important the customers get exactly what they need tailored to. $75 value.

After the 30-minute tailored consultation, the customer will have the opportunity to get their blood tested to evaluate the different levels, or lack, of hormones in their bodies.  In this part of the process, the customer will be required to attend a clinic (Certified Health Professional’s choosing) to get their blood work done. Clinics offer both cash pay and insurance coverage for blood lab work. $25 value.

After the blood work lab results are CAREFULLY reviewed (typically 10 business days after blood work is received) our Health Professional will set up an appointment to review the results of the blood work (60-minute review of results). $99 value.

Once an understanding of the results is established, the customer is given a natural treatment plan to help with weight loss, balancing of hormones, higher energy, balance out mood swings, mental clarity and so much more. Each customer’s results vary and is dependent on what the customer is trying to achieve most. $125 value.

Meet Our Health Pro

  • August 2012; Master of Science, Family Nurse Practitioner Brigham Young University

    • Cum Laude

    • Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society

  • August 2004; Bachelor of Science in Nursing Brigham Young University

    • Cum Laude

    • Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society

  • 2014: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Symposium

  • 2018:Module IV – A Metabolic and Functional Approach to Gastroenterology

Nurse practitioner, Sarah  was born and raised in Eagar, Arizona.

Sarah attended Brigham Young University for both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She worked in the capacity of a registered nurse for eight years prior to expanding her knowledge and skills as a nurse practitioner.

Sarah has great compassion for others which makes her a great medical practitioner.  She also has a strong desire to help others heal naturally. She has sought out additional training with some of the areas most successful naturopathic doctors and is currently continuing her education by taking functional medicine courses to better serve her valued patients.

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