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How Much Caffeine is in Pre-Primal Pre-Workout?

300mg of registered PurCaf Caffeine per Scoop 

#2: How much caffeine in Pre-Primal Purge?

300mg of PurCaf Caffeine per serving, along with 150mg of Mucuna Pruriens Extract (L-Dopa)

What is PurCaf Caffeine?

PurCaf Caffeine is a registered caffeine that offers the highest purity of caffeine on the market. PurCaf costs more than double the amount of "other" caffeines.

#4: Where is Pre-Primal based out of?

Pleasant Grove, Utah

#5: Does Pre-Primal have Protein?

Not yet! But we will in the near future

#6: What is Pre-Primal?

Pre-Primal is an elite supplement company with very unique gorilla tubs that all the products come in.

#7: Can I try Pre-Primal for free? 

Yes! We want to make sure you love it before you buy a full tub! Here’s a link!

#8: Does Pre-Primal have apparel?

Yes! Pre-Primal offers apparel for both male & female athletes.

#9: When should you take BCAA’s? And what are they used for?

Branched Chain Amino Acids are a type of Amino Acid that your body doesn’t create naturally so you have to get it a different way ! Our Green Apple flavor is a huge hit with our customers ! We also recommend taking your BCAA’s in a glass of water after your workout, OR drink it throughout the day to stay hydrated.